Chef Ryan Murphy


Chef Ryan Murphy had his first culinary job in my hometown of Halifax, where it all began. He transplanted to Vancouver in 2006 and it wasn’t long before he fell in love with the pace and rigor of kitchen life and the endless avenues of working with food and flavour. He circulated though different restaurants with varying cuisines and approaches to dining. Gaining experience and moving through the hierarchy on an informal culinary apprenticeship, reading everything on gastronomy he could get his hands on. After five years in Vancouver he decided he wanted a new challenge and needed to travel abroad and work in high end fine dining. On the advice of a friend he made his way to Melbourne Australia to work at the critically acclaimed Vue de Monde. He spent a cumulative time of 18 months at Vue and made time to do stages at Quay in Sydney and The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld. He had the opportunity to work in Singapore at Restaurant 53 and later staged for several months at Frantzen in Stockholm, all the while periodically returning to Vancouver to recharge the batteries. In those three separate occasions, he came to work at the Oakwood with Mike Robbins, ultimately taking over his role as head chef when Robbins departed to begin planning Anna Lena. Murphy led the kitchen at the Oakwood for two years before re-joining Robbins at Anna Lena.