Mackenzie Room restaurant hosts Toronto’s Richmond Station restaurant

Chef Sean Reeve
Chef Carl Heinrich

Mackenzie Room restaurant hosts Toronto’s Richmond Station restaurant

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Time: 7pm

Price: $135.00 plus tax

(dinner includes wine and gratuity)

The Mackenzie Room

415 Powell Street

Limited to 46 guests (family style seating)



A special reunion collaboration dinner celebrating Vancouver and Toronto’s top neighborhood bistros.

Owners’ Andrew and Katie Jameson met while working the front of the house at Toronto’s Richmond Station. Along with partner, Executive Chef Sean Reeve they chose Vancouver to open their own restaurant, The Mackenzie Room in 2015. A shining star in Vancouver’s up and coming Railtown neighborhood, the restaurant is named for Andrew’s great-great grandfather, William Mackenzie who founded the Canadian Northern Railway.  The restaurant celebrates the local bounty of British Columbia and Reeve’s modern dishes with playful names including “Bone Tongues & Harmony”, “In Cod We Trust” and “Veggies from the Garden” have earned glowing reviews from Vancouver’s top restaurant critics.  The Mackenzie Room was selected as one of the city’s Top New Restaurants in 2016 by the Georgia Straight’s Golden Plate Awards.

Food Network’s Top Chef Canada was responsible for rocket-launching many of Canada’s young culinary talents. Carl Heinrich, the winner of Top Chef in Season 2, followed this success by opening his own restaurant, Richmond Station in 2012.  Heinrich at Toronto’s Richmond Station has proven his culinary cachet is based on merit and not reality TV fame.  Richmond Station has become a Toronto neighborhood establishment.