Chef Nick Liu

Nick Lui


At DaiLo, we believe eating well is a fundamental part of living well, and how we cook, reflects how we live. We want DaiLo to be comforting and be representative of a time and place, but also have integrity and be exciting, too.

We support local and sustainable food because we believe this type of food leads to better lives and more delicious meals. We aim to share our love for food by being genuine, knowledgeable, warm and humble.

Many of the highlights on DaiLo’s opening menu are family recipes augmented by Chef Nick Liu’s signature flair; ancient favourites are updated to suit the western palate and the modern demand for local and sustainable ingredients.

We like to think of DaiLo as the perfect juxtaposition between old and new. When Chef Liu describes his food as New Asian Cuisine, he is referring to the way he runs his kitchen and how his predominantly Chinese fare follows French tradition. However, at the heart of his cooking, is a love and respect for the dishes he ate growing up as the son of Hakka parents in Canada, but
importantly, they are the dishes his ancestors have been eating for hundreds of years. “The food I create always starts from history – a dish I grew up with or a dish inspired by my travels,” says Liu. “The pork wontons are the unchanged comfort food of my childhood.”

The pork hoc with jellyfish slaw, however, is the perfect example of this mix of old and new. Using traditional flavours, this dish is the long lost ancestor of the more common sweet and sour pork dish popular in westernized Chinese restaurants, while the jellyfish makes delicious use of the ocean’s most sustainable fish.