Royal Dinette restaurant hosts Toronto’s OMAW restaurant

Chef Jack Chen
Chef Matt Blondin

Royal Dinette restaurant hosts Toronto’s OMAW restaurant

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Time: 7pm

Price: $135.00 plus tax
(dinner includes wine and gratuity)

Royal Dinette

905 Dunsmuir Street

Limited to 70 guests (family style seating)



A special collaborative dinner with two of Canada’s newest restaurants showcasing local West Coast dishes with a Southern twist.

Royal Dinette celebrates local farm to table fare and was selected by the Globe and Mail in 2015 as Vancouver’s best new restaurant.  Owned by the Donnelly Group, Royal Dinette has become a downtown favourite for both lunch and dinner. Known for their hand-crafted cocktails, Royal Dinette’s creative menu prepared by Head Chef Jack Chen changes to reflect the best of local seasonal ingredients.

Matt Blondin rose to culinary fame as the chef/partner at Toronto’s Acadia restaurant, making it one of the city’s top restaurants, before departing to help launch Momofuku’s Daisho as its Executive Sous Chef in 2012. In late 2013, Matt joined his new partners The Food Dudes, and the group have successfully opened several restaurants across Toronto, including Omaw on Ossington Avenue. With Omaw, Blondin goes back to the Southern inspired dishes that made him famous at the now closed Acadia restaurant, including his famous shrimp and grits.