Wildebeest restaurant hosts Toronto’s Boralia restaurant

Chef Alessandro Vianello
Chef Wayne Morris

Wildebeest restaurant hosts Toronto’s Boralia restaurant

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Time: 7pm

Price: $135.00 plus tax
(Dinner includes wine and gratuity)


120 West Hastings Street

Limited to 80 guests
(family style seating)




A special collaborative dinner celebrating Canada’s culinary heritage and whole animal cookery.

Vancouver’s Wildebeest, which opened in 2012, immediately became the must-eat restaurant in Vancouver’s fashionable Gastown, winning Vancouver Magazine’s Best New Restaurant and Best Design in 2013.  Executive Chef Alessandro Vianello continues to show Vancouverites the delights of whole animal cookery with dishes such as bone marrow, lamb tartare, roasted sweetbreads and 40 day-aged Angus ribeyes along with locally inspired seasonal menus.   Wildebeest has become a Gastown establishment and a must have reservation.

In 2015, husband and wife team, Wayne Morris and Evelyn Yu opened Boralia, a restaurant dedicated to celebrating Canada’s culinary heritage.  Previously Evelyn had worked at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck in England and Wayne at Waterfront Wines in Kelowna. Located on Toronto’s hip Ossington Avenue, the restaurant became an overnight success. Food critics loved the ground-breaking menu highlighting a modern take on Canadian dishes such as the mussels smoked in pine needles inspired from explorer Samuel de Champlain’s original recipe from the 17th century, Chinese style deviled eggs, pierogies and even grilled whelk, Canada’s North Atlantic giant sea snail.  The restaurant celebrates dishes inspired by natives and Canada’s early settlers from every nationality.